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Virgin America jet
Airlines Websites and Apps

Five things the new Virgin America website does better than other airlines

Virgin America’s new website is unlike any other airline website in that it focuses nearly every pixel on helping the customer book a flight.  The homepage is clean, contemporary and contains no unnecessary information or distractions (goodbye credit card deals!). It’s a joy to use and the goal is clear: ‘Let me help you book a flight’.

by Michael Meloni • June 23, 2014
Qantas iPhone App
Airlines Websites and Apps

Qantas reaches further into customer journey with new iPhone app

Qantas has updated their iOS app (Android coming soon) with a sleek new design and integration with Google Maps to advise customers when they should head to the airport and the best route to do so.

by Michael Meloni • June 3, 2014
Entrain app
Websites and Apps

An app to beat jetlag

This app looks like something that might be worth trying on your next overseas flight: Entrain is designed to monitor your body’s circadian clock using your smartphone and help you adjust faster to new time zones and schedules.

by Michael Meloni • April 28, 2014
In-flight Wifi in the USA

In-flight WiFi in the United States

Engadget has a great breakdown of in-flight WiFi services offered when flying airlines in the USA.

by Michael Meloni • April 25, 2014
Airlines IFE

How much in-flight advertising would you watch for a free flight?

It’s hard to escape advertising, even at 35,000 feet. Qantas recently invited television networks to pitch ‘innovative’ new ideas for in-flight advertising. The Flying Kangaroo wants to move away from traditional TV-style ads on its in-flight entertainment (IFE) systems as well as show different ads to passengers in business, first and economy. The only problem is that […]

by Michael Meloni • April 16, 2014
Airport Hologram

The problem with Virtual Assistants and Holograms at airports

There’s nothing like a Jetson-esque hologram to get an airport excited about helping passengers navigate their terminal and answer questions. They make great news stories. However, from a passenger’s POV, a pretend person just isn’t very helpful.

by Michael Meloni • February 2, 2014