Jetstar is Not the World’s Worst Airline

by Michael Meloni • May 1, 2017

Last week Australian consumer advocacy group Choice made a lofty claim:┬áJetstar is the world’s worst airline. It was part of an international survey into airline customer satisfaction that was conducted by 10 different consumer organisations. Except, the Choice survey is flawed. Jetstar isn’t the worst airline in the world, perhaps not even Australia. Here’s why: […]

Customers are united: United needs to change

by Michael Meloni • April 12, 2017

A bad week for United? A dreadful week? A stinking week? All of the above. Two weeks ago I wrote that United was disconnected from their customers and the community. Completely out of touch and operating in a bubble. This week the shocking footage from “#bumpgate” made it loud and clear something is broken inside […]

United Airlines social media disaster shows it’s time for brands to think beyond the office

by Michael Meloni • March 28, 2017

United Airlines inadvertently entered a public relations storm on Twitter this week that few companies could have come out of unscathed. People were enraged about passenger dress standards and the airline was left trying to pick up the pieces with its pants down. In case you didn’t hear about it, United was accused of not […]