Airline and airport social customer service

Is social customer service next for your airport?

by Michael Meloni • November 29, 2016

Airlines have long used Twitter and other social media to provide a customer service channel to their customers. Every month¬†Twitter users send over 100,000 questions, complaints, and comments to major US airlines. The appeal for consumers is the near-instantaneous nature in which they get a response from companies using social.   Airports on the other […]


The website mistake 33% of airports are making that drives travellers nuts

by Michael Meloni • November 22, 2016

Back in 2012, roughly 15-20% of airport website traffic was coming from smartphones and tablets. In 2013 I watched it move to around 25%. Now it’s well over 50%. That’s no surprise, people pull out their phone when they travel, not their PC. “It’s one thing to be mobile friendly, but it’s another to be […]