Fill the gap in your airport marketing and digital team

PassengerWise is an independent digital consultancy by Michael Meloni that understands airports


A better choice for airports on a digital journey…

Airports are unique

As an airport your needs aren’t like any other business. Nor are your customers. I can help you create a memorable experience for your customers online and in-terminal. One that is designed to improve satisfaction, grow non-aeronautical revenue and improve the efficiency of your airport operations.

Independent & flexible

I can lead a project from start to finish, support your existing airport team or work with your current agency to ensure optimal results. It’s up to you.

People not technology

Technology is at the heart of how I do it, but not why I do it; That’s you and your customers.

About Michael Meloni and PassengerWise

Michael Meloni is a digital specialist and a leading voice on the digital airport. With 15 years of experience working across airports, government and online publishing, he brings a rare and invaluable combination of insight and skill to your business. Michael founded PassengerWise to provide airports with the support, advice and expertise they need to connect with today’s tech-savvy traveller.

PassengerWise specialises in using technology to grow your commercial revenue; improve customer satisfaction; and bridge the gap between online customer experience and offline, physical experiences. It doesn’t matter if your airport is a digital veteran or just starting out, PassengerWise can help. Read more.

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