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LAX live stream on Instagram

Airport and airline live streaming on social media

As of 2017, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all allow users to live stream video content. It’s simple: Open the app, click stream and you’re connected with your followers. Each are notified that you’re live and will see and hear whatever you point your phone at. If you’re an airport or airline with hundreds, thousands or […]

by Michael Meloni • January 24, 2017
Changi Airport Pokemon Christmas
Airlines Airports Marketing

2016 airline and airport Christmas marketing: Who did it best?

If there’s one time of the year that lends itself to aviation marketing and lots of goodwill, it’s Christmas. 2016 has been no exception. Here’s a look at what international airlines and airports did this festive season to make the lives of their customers or those less fortunate a little brighter. On the ground: Changi […]

by Michael Meloni • December 20, 2016
Airline and airport social customer service
Airports Technology

Is social customer service next for your airport?

Airlines have long used Twitter and other social media to provide a customer service channel to their customers. Every month Twitter users send over 100,000 questions, complaints, and comments to major US airlines. The appeal for consumers is the near-instantaneous nature in which they get a response from companies using social.   Airports on the other […]

by Michael Meloni • November 29, 2016
Airports Websites and Apps

The website mistake 33% of airports are making that drives travellers nuts

Back in 2012, roughly 15-20% of airport website traffic was coming from smartphones and tablets. In 2013 I watched it move to around 25%. Now it’s well over 50%. That’s no surprise, people pull out their phone when they travel, not their PC. “It’s one thing to be mobile friendly, but it’s another to be […]

by Michael Meloni • November 22, 2016

Flight departure screens can be personal too

Watch passengers closely as they stand around airport departure screens trying to pinpoint which gate their flight leaves from. They will stare for at least 30 seconds before they find what they need to know, and if the airport did its job well they’ll walk away (hopefully) in the right direction. But the right direction […]

by Michael Meloni • November 1, 2015
Artist Robert Fawcett, Photo James Vaughan

How will airlines revive their glory days, today

Airlines spend millions of dollars reminding us of how they are returning to the good ol’ days of flying. Rekindling the golden age of aviation with roomy suites, bars, butlers and retro liveries. Yet for the thousands of people who board a commercial flight each day, what airlines propose to rekindle is at odds with […]

by Michael Meloni • February 8, 2015
Airports Websites and Apps

What makes a great airport website

It’s easy to forget how much preparation is needed before we embark on a trip. A journey from the hotel to the airport can sometimes be as time consuming as the flight itself. When travellers are uncertain about something they will turn to the website of their departure and arrival airports for help. Here lies […]

by Michael Meloni • October 26, 2014
Laptop in flight

Use Google Analytics to see who’s visiting your website using in-flight WiFi

The last time I used in-flight WiFi I was somewhere in the air between LAX and JFK, transferring money between bank accounts. As an Australian it was quite a novelty to do my banking from a plane. It got me thinking recently about who is visiting our websites using in-flight and what kind of experience are we giving them. What are […]

by Michael Meloni • August 3, 2014