Jetstar is Not the World’s Worst Airline

by Michael Meloni • May 1, 2017

Last week Australian consumer advocacy group Choice made a lofty claim: Jetstar is the world’s worst airline. It was part of an international survey into airline customer satisfaction that was conducted by 10 different consumer organisations. Except, the Choice survey is flawed. Jetstar isn’t the worst airline in the world, perhaps not even Australia. Here’s why: […]

Customers are united: United needs to change

by Michael Meloni • April 12, 2017

A bad week for United? A dreadful week? A stinking week? All of the above. Two weeks ago I wrote that United was disconnected from their customers and the community. Completely out of touch and operating in a bubble. This week the shocking footage from “#bumpgate” made it loud and clear something is broken inside […]

United Airlines social media disaster shows it’s time for brands to think beyond the office

by Michael Meloni • March 28, 2017

United Airlines inadvertently entered a public relations storm on Twitter this week that few companies could have come out of unscathed. People were enraged about passenger dress standards and the airline was left trying to pick up the pieces with its pants down. In case you didn’t hear about it, United was accused of not […]

Lessons from Qantas’ WiFi trial: What marketers and project managers can learn

by Michael Meloni • February 16, 2017

You’d think in-flight internet access would be an easy sell. Well not to everyday Australians. In February 2012 Qantas trialled in-flight WiFi in some of its A380 services. It was ridiculously expensive, limited to first and business, and Qantas admitted that most of their A380 services operated at night so people were asleep. Worse, customers […]

The 2017 list of airport and airline Valentine’s Day marketing

by Michael Meloni • February 16, 2017

Some airlines and airports went all out celebrating Valentine’s Day this year, while others kept it short and sweet. Heartfelt stories from travellers naturally performed well and passengers were smitten for those that dished out free chocolates. I particularly like Virgin America’s combination of social awareness and a Spotify playlist created for singles wanting to escape […]

Changi Airport Pokemon Christmas

2016 airline and airport Christmas marketing: Who did it best?

by Michael Meloni • December 20, 2016

If there’s one time of the year that lends itself to aviation marketing and lots of goodwill, it’s Christmas. 2016 has been no exception. Here’s a look at what international airlines and airports did this festive season to make the lives of their customers or those less fortunate a little brighter. On the ground: Changi […]

Artist Robert Fawcett, Photo James Vaughan

How will airlines revive their glory days, today

by Michael Meloni • February 8, 2015

Airlines spend millions of dollars reminding us of how they are returning to the good ol’ days of flying. Rekindling the golden age of aviation with roomy suites, bars, butlers and retro liveries. Yet for the thousands of people who board a commercial flight each day, what airlines propose to rekindle is at odds with […]

Laptop in flight

Use Google Analytics to see who’s visiting your website using in-flight WiFi

by Michael Meloni • August 3, 2014

The last time I used in-flight WiFi I was somewhere in the air between LAX and JFK, transferring money between bank accounts. As an Australian it was quite a novelty to do my banking from a plane. It got me thinking recently about who is visiting our websites using in-flight and what kind of experience are we giving them. What are […]

Virgin America jet

Five things the new Virgin America website does better than other airlines

by Michael Meloni • June 23, 2014

Virgin America’s new website is unlike any other airline website in that it focuses nearly every pixel on helping the customer book a flight.  The homepage is clean, contemporary and contains no unnecessary information or distractions (goodbye credit card deals!). It’s a joy to use and the goal is clear: ‘Let me help you book a flight’.

Qantas iPhone App

Qantas reaches further into customer journey with new iPhone app

by Michael Meloni • June 3, 2014

Qantas has updated their iOS app (Android coming soon) with a sleek new design and integration with Google Maps to advise customers when they should head to the airport and the best route to do so.