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The role of airports in entertaining customers?

Visiting an airport is like riding a roller coaster for many passengers, even seasoned flyers, because there’s a constant rise in tension. They arrive at the terminal stressed after searching for a car park and then battle a busy check-in area only to find another queue at the check-in counters. Then it’s another queue at […]

by Michael Meloni • May 30, 2017
Airlines PR

Jetstar is Not the World’s Worst Airline

Last week Australian consumer advocacy group Choice made a lofty claim: Jetstar is the world’s worst airline. It was part of an international survey into airline customer satisfaction that was conducted by 10 different consumer organisations. Except, the Choice survey is flawed. Jetstar isn’t the worst airline in the world, perhaps not even Australia. Here’s why: […]

by Michael Meloni • May 1, 2017
Airlines PR

Customers are united: United needs to change

A bad week for United? A dreadful week? A stinking week? All of the above. Two weeks ago I wrote that United was disconnected from their customers and the community. Completely out of touch and operating in a bubble. This week the shocking footage from “#bumpgate” made it loud and clear something is broken inside […]

by Michael Meloni • April 12, 2017
Airports Technology

7 airport WiFi business models: What’s best for your airport?

A couple of months ago I had a crappy WiFi experience at a major international airport. I needed to find a Vodafone store so I jumped onto the airport’s free WiFi hoping to search their website. I handed over some mandatory personal details, endured an onslaught of vague error messages and eventually connected… only to […]

by Michael Meloni • March 29, 2017